As a creative workplace, Studio Bloom are always looking for inspiration, be it a trip abroad, the vernacular of the local countryside, a new fit out of a local coffee shop or the curves and texture of nature.


However sometimes there isn’t time to jump on a flight to Europe or go for a climb in the local countryside or perhaps the local cafe is a little generic and overly noisy.

So where else do we look for inspiration? Journals, yes; a monthly subscription to the RIBAJ and Architecture Today provide a lot of written information and in-depth analysis of selected projects.

Blogs & online journals, even more so; we have recently discovered a gem: the Architizer Blog, it is completely aimed at architects and covers a variety of topics from inspirational projects, to technical details and sustainable design. The layout is clean and easy to navigate, the photographs and illustrations are beautiful and well referenced and the grouping of topics allows you to freely roam or to search specifically – perfect for some lunchtime browsing or something to look at instead of social media!

Other good quality resources include ArchDaily, for interesting articles and project reviews.  We have recently signed up to Archilovers, it seems to be a good resource for a very visual collection of projects, with specific links to the architects and designers. It also provides a platform for architects to showcase their own work Pinterest – an amazing resource to collect ideas from all over the web, categorise them into albums and share them with clients., the only limit with Pinterest is that it tends to only show you things similar to that which you have already seen, however some of the above allow you to branch out and discover projects and ideas outside your regular search patterns.

So take 10 mins and go surfing, leave behind the vices of social media and expand your channels of inspiration.

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