A London Theatre Bar

This week at Studio Bloom we are working on a design for a contemporary bar to fit within an existing 1950s ‘red carpet and velvet curtains’ hospitality theatre suite in the west end of London.

The concept is to take the alcove in which the bar sits and to paint the walls a dark grey, creating a differentiated atmosphere for the new bar to site within. The red velvet curtains framing the sash windows would go and a mirrored film would be applied to the glass to reflect light back into the bar and to create a defined backdrop.

VP Bar View 4.2

The bar itself is composed of a series of oak timber strips that are inset into the floor and wrap up to form the bar front. The bar top is polished brass to echo the gold details and ornament within the existing theatre suite. The ceiling too is clad in timber strips and lighting is recessed between these strips.

VP Bar Explode

Three large pendant lamps are hung over the bar, between these are wine glass racks; these signal bar activity at a higher level and so when theatre goers enter the space at the far end they recognise and are drawn towards the bar.

VP Bar View 3.2

At Studio Bloom we love to work with existing buildings, creating something contemporary within a historic or established setting, pairing and contrasting materials, establishing new uses and activity for places that have seen better times.



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